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"Through good times and bad, I Love You, Baby Deer cleverly teaches young readers the importance of love, trust, and friendship."

—Timothy Lee
Executive director, Texas Retired Teachers Association


I Love You, Baby Deer

I Love You, Baby Deer is a poignant true story of how love, friendship, and trust blossomed between a beautiful young girl, Grace, and the orphaned baby deer she and her family took in and named Pineapple. This story follows their adventures at the farm and in the city as Pineapple grows older with her newfound, loving family and best friend, Grace. Although a personal story, the reality that Grace and Pineapple eventually have to say good-bye teaches all of us the painful and beautiful lesson of letting go.

Written from the heart and illustrated with colorful, expressive art, I Love You, Baby Deer is a book for the entire family to enjoy as it reminds us that we often have to part with those we love in order for them to enjoy the life they were meant to live.

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I Love You, Baby Deer  

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